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A Short Guide to Spend Time in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach as Snowbird

So, when the weather gets chill up north, lots of people head down to the Alabama Gulf Coast to soak up the nice, mild temperatures and friendly vibes. 

This time of the year is called snowbird season, and it is a hit with visitors who want to trade the snow for some sandy beaches. 

The price for places to stay are usually affordable, the weather is still pleasant, and the big crowds would have thinned out. Winter visitors come from all over the world to this place since there is more to do than merely tan on the beach. 

If you are interested to spend a few days in the Gulf state then it will be a good idea to check the list of availability of rental homes on the website of Emerald Coast by owner vacation rental and select the one that suits to your family. 

There are thousands of vacation rentals to choose from in Florida and Alabama, all along the Gulf Coast, such as:

  • Cape San Blas
  • Destin
  • Fort Morgan
  • Fort Walton Beach
  • Gulf Shores
  • Okaloosa Island
  • Orange Beach.
  • Panama City
  • Pensacola
  • Perdido Key
  • St George Island

If you decide to join the fun as a snowbird in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, the following are a few excellent suggestions for making the most of your stay.

1. Join a Snowbird Flock

Snowbird Clubs are a hit with folks who flock to the Gulf Coast each year. You can join clubs specific to your state, where you will enjoy games, social events, golfing, and more with like-minded snowbirds. It is a great way to connect with fellow Gulf Coast enthusiasts!

2. Stretch Your Wings

For a more active winter getaway, explore the beaches, nature trails, and volunteer opportunities. Engage in birdwatching excursions or participate in the Snowbird Production at the South Baldwin Community Theatre. It is a chance to spread your wings and enjoy a vibrant winter experience!

3. Attend a Snowbird Event

Join the fun with a range of daily snowbird events, from live music to nature outings and annual festivals. There is something for everyone to enjoy and stay entertained throughout the winter season!

4. How to Plan

To make the most of Alabama’s delightful winter getaway, plan your ideal snowbird trip and embrace the local lifestyle. With numerous tips and tricks, you can savor the beachfront destination year after year.

5. Snag a Winter Deal

Local businesses on the Alabama Gulf Coast eagerly anticipate the arrival of snowbirds each year, offering irresistible winter deals on accommodations. Whether it is cozy beachfront homes, luxurious condos, or convenient campgrounds, the off-season rates provide affordable options for a warm and enjoyable winter stay.

6. Visit the Welcome Center

When you arrive at the Alabama Gulf Coast, then you can get all the information from the Welcome Center. The Welcome Center has cooperative staff who is going to guide all about the local information such as:

  • Location of area restaurants
  • All the attractions
  • Maps
  • Necessary brochures
  • Discount coupons. 

Additionally, don’t miss the annual Winter Showcase Series featuring guest speakers from area attractions and civic groups.

How to spend your days as a snowbird in Gulf Shores?

1. The beach

You will be highly impressed by seeing the 32-mile coastline surrounded by beaches and their beauty. There are plenty of restaurants near the beach that offer both nice food and beach views. Remember to leave the beach as you found it, as Alabama’s clean beaches are diligently maintained.

2. Visit Gulf-State-park

There are plenty of activities to do at Gulf State Park such as:

  • Renting a Segway
  • Renting bicycles 
  • Walking on the trails
  • Having a picnic
  • Exploring the nature center.

3. Walk to a hidden beach

Exploring the secret beaches along Gulf Shores’ coastline can lead to hidden gems like Pine Beach Trail, offering incredible views. Allocate around two hours for the 3.5-mile hike through sugar sand to reach the beach. 

For a beach picnic, plan some extra time. Keep an eye out for trail parking signs for these unique coastal experiences.

3. Enjoy the various amenities where you stay

Staying at various properties in Gulf Shores offers snowbirds ample opportunities to connect through organized events and excursions. For instance, The Beach Club provides numerous gatherings and access to scenic walkways. 

Whether seeking solitude or socializing, Gulf Shores provides a perfect setting with swimming pools, hot tubs, beach views, and state-organized get-togethers, ensuring a fulfilling snowbird experience.

4. Ride your e-bike

You can prefer to ride on the Gulf State Park trails on an e-bike. Although helmets are not mandatory, it is strongly advised to bring one. Consider parking in different areas each day to discover new wildlife and unique experiences.

5. Dine on the beach

Coastal in Orange Beach has truly become a preferred beachfront restaurant. With a variety of seating options, including indoor, outdoor, and partially outdoor, all featuring stunning views of Alabama’s beautiful beaches.

6. Ride the ferry to visit Bellingrath Gardens

One of the most delightful day trips can be a ferry ride from Gulf Shores and a visit to Bellingrath Gardens. Aim to board the ferry on time.

The award-winning gardens are around 1 hour and 45 minutes away, but if ferry travel is affected by weather, they offer consistently stunning beauty.

7. Explore history at Alabama

Discover the enriching experiences in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach at the following places:

  • Coastal Arts Center: Explore the Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach for a delightful blend of nature and art. The admission is free, allowing you to enjoy the scenic views of Wolf Bay while appreciating artistic creations.
  • Sara Glass Studio: Embark on an artistic journey with various available art classes, including the renowned Hot Shop. Here, you can craft glass pieces in a hot glass blowing studio. Don’t forget to wear closed-toe shoes while going for this activity.
  • Participate in Mardi Gras: There are a fixed date in the month of February when you can enjoy the vibrant Mardi Gras festivities celebrated in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. 

Regardless of how you decide to spend your time in Gulf Shores, Alabama, as a snowbird, make the most of this winter. Living in a picturesque location after choosing your Gulf Coast rentals over the winter months makes it simple to savor every moment.

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