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How to get the most value for your money when using removalists?

Moving house is an expensive undertaking, with costs quickly adding up for things like packing materials, rental trucks, and movers. When hiring professional removalists, you want to make sure you get good value for your money. Get quotes from several different companies for the same move, so you compare prices. Pay attention to what services are included in each quote, as some companies will charge extra for things like packing materials, spare boxes, or assembly/disassembly of furniture. Read reviews online to see what past customers have said about the quality of service from each company. It will help you gauge if they provide good value or tend to overcharge.

Ask about discounts

Never accept the first quote always ask if any discounts or special rates apply. Many removalists offer discounts for midweek moves, moves booked well in advance, or combined storage services. If you will be moving on a weekday instead of the weekend, mention this to see if it lowers the price. Inquire about potential discounts for combined services too, such as packing and storage. The company may cut you a deal for booking multiple services together. When planning your upcoming move from interstate removalists Sydney to Canberra, make sure you stretch your moving budget as far as possible.

Compare hourly rates 

For interstate moves, most removalists charge by volume, weight, or hourly rate. If a company charges hourly, check to ask how many movers will be sent and compare hourly rates between companies. More movers may work faster, but a higher per-hour cost could cancel out any time savings. You want to find the best balance between an hourly rate you afford and several movers to finish loading or unloading the truck as quickly as possible. Perform a household inventory audit before your move so you know exactly how many items you will be moving. It allows you to give an accurate estimate to the removalist company. If the final inventory is larger than you originally estimated, costs may increase. Make sure you will not overpay for a larger-than-expected inventory by getting an accurate count ahead of time.

Compare truck sizes

Make sure you are renting a truck size appropriate for your inventory. A too-large truck may come with unnecessary extra costs for fuel or rental fees. Measure furniture and box sizes to determine how much space you’ll need in the truck. Check if you save money by packing yourself rather than paying the removalist company to pack for you. If your inventory is on the smaller side or your items are easy to pack, you may be able to do this yourself without too much hassle. Get free used boxes from local grocery stores and ask friends and family if they have spare packing supplies. Packing yourself takes time and energy, but yields savings.¬†

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